Identifying Deep-Value

Slide Our approach is a fusion
of mainstream real estate asset
management and sustainability,
without compromising either
The success of our strategy centres on our ability to identify
deep value.  We seek to invest in mispriced, undermanaged
assets with the potential to be repositioned in line with our
vision and strategy.  We target 16% to 20% gross IRRs,
around half from income, half from value enhancements.

Our exclusive sourcing network constitutes a real competitive
advantage.  Cultivated over the last 30 years, our network
draws on a broad and deep matrix of landlords and tenants,
banks, insolvency firms, agencies, and real-estate service firms.
More unconventionally, given our strategic focus we are also
exposed to deal flow through architects, urban planners, local
governments, and social enterprises.  And with our family
office heritage, we have unrivalled access to other family
offices and private investors, often becoming their
preferred partner.

A New World
Deserves A New Model
It seems odd to us to have an ethical, principled investment
strategy but use miss-aligned incumbent investment structures.
These traditional models – funds and the organisational structures
used to manage them – are backwards-looking, grossly misaligned
with investors’ values, and ill-suited to today’s property market.
They remain opaque, short-term, filled with hidden costs, and
constrained by narrow strategies.

Likewise, conventionally designed direct and co-investment
models are expensive, slow moving, and present challenges
in deal sourcing, asset management, and execution.
Building a Better Model

FORE’s Direct
Co-investment Model

Our direct co-investment model provides our partners with:

  • Deal-by-deal investment discretion
  • Tight integration with their own internal teams
  • The sleep-well assurance that comes with institutional infrastructure, including solid risk management, compliance, and reporting

Ethically aligns both strategy and investment structure. Synchronises investors and occupiers along an axis of core values.

Brings a unique degree of transparency throughout the investment lifecycle.

Embodies family office DNA that shapes our perspective, particularly when it comes to capital preservation and risk mitigation.

Delivers the control, flexibility, efficiency and professionalism that investors and stakeholders seek.

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