Undiscovered Value

Slide “ To create something that's genuinely new,
you have to start again, and I think with
great intent, you disconnect from the past. ”

The heightened emphasis on lifestyle, health and wellbeing,
the urgency to move to a sustainable economy, combined
with the blurring of our personal and professional lives, is
dramatically transforming what the buildings of tomorrow
will look like and how they will function.

Investors, for their part, increasingly see philanthropy,
social impact, and investment as merging.  This growing
co-mingling of wealth and values is an inflection point
not only in the real estate industry but across all asset
The real estate industry
remains out of sync and
firms continue to apply
traditional thinking, at
best focused on making
the world marginally
less bad.
- Jony Ive

The result is that value and opportunity remain undiscovered in virtually every market.

At FORE, we’ve responded to these developments by thoroughly re-appraising how people live, work, and interact with the real estate around them.  We call this philosophy “BUILDING FOREWARD.”

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